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Evernote integrated into Dolphin Browser

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I like to use Evernote on my iPad. It is a great app to organize notes into notebooks and I like the fact that all notes sync with my iPhone and my MacBook Pro. I use Evernote for private and school purposes. It is great to be able to have everything in one place but in different sections (notebooks). I used before other apps to organize my notes but once I migrated to Evernote I decided to stay with it.

One great thing about Evernote is its integration with other applications. I believe that this is what makes it so strong as an app. It integrates with DropBox for instance which lets you save notes in DropBox folders. I don’t use this integration much as I have access to Evernote from all my devices.

One integration I use very frequently is saving websites from Dolphin to Evernote. Dolphin is a free browser app. For example, when I find information on a Safari website that I would like to keep in Evernote I need to copy and paste the link into a new note in Evernote but then the website information does not show up on the note page, only the link does. If I open the website on Dolphin and save the link to Evernote (from Dolphin I can save the link to Evernote without opening Evernote), I can see the webpage information in Evernote.

Because Evernote recognizes phones and addresses, I can save a website page with a phone number and call the place from my iPhone when I open Evernote.

During my last vacation I saved many pages in Evernote and had access to the addresses and phones of locations on my iPhone and iPad. I used my Apple GPS on my iPad to get to locations when I clicked on their address in Evernote. It made our lives so much easier.

It also serves me when I plan my trip to a conference. I have all the phone numbers and addresses I need in one place when I save the web page of the conference through Dolphin.

On my laptop I can clip the Internet webpages on Safari and Firefox into Evernote directly but on my iPad I need to use Dolphin to do so.

I hope you’ll try this integration and enjoy the outcomes.


Author: bflorenthal

I am a teacher and I like to use and read about the latest technologies. I love to use my iPad and other Apple products.

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