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Using Waze During Trips

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I downloaded Waze a while ago and tried to use it but could not get myself excited so I left it on my iPad but used other navigation systems instead. Recently there were rumors that Facebook was considering buying it for about $1 billion dollars. That made me curios again about the concept of Waze and I decided to try using it on a trip we planned for this month.

It is not a GPS system so I had to use my Apple GPS in the background and have Waze on my screen as it shows everything that is going on during the trip. For example, at some point we hit a traffic jam. If I strayed with the regular GPS I would not know how long the jam is and how slow it was going to be throughout. Waze gave me this information which was very helpful. It is also nice that you can say thank you to those that share information on Waze. I also shared some information as my husband was the one that was driving. You get points for sharing and using information which is nice.

The only thing that I discovered that you should be aware of is that using the Apple GPS and Waze app eat up your battery. I used the charger in the car but our outlet was also used for another device so my battery life was going down quickly.

Still, I think that it is worth looking once in a while at Waze to foresee any road problems while traveling. If you use Waze, please share your comments.


Author: bflorenthal

I am a teacher and I like to use and read about the latest technologies. I love to use my iPad and other Apple products.

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