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GoodNotes – a Fantastic App for iPad

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I am teaching a practicum course this semester. It is a very unique course we offer our students in our college. We are three faculty from different departments working with a company and a small group of students on developing a business plan.

Our students are presenting tomorrow and they sent me their PowerPoint (PP) presentation. I downloaded it to my iPad and was thinking that I would like to write on it while they are presenting. I was not sure which app I should use.

Recently I downloaded this new app, GoodNotes (the free version), and I decided to experiment with it. I found that I can turn my PP file into PDF file and download it into the app. Once it is there I can write with a stylus or my finger, highlight, add text in a text box and easily erase or undo anything. It seems like a great app and I am going to try it tomorrow in the practicum class.

I recommend all to check it out.



Author: bflorenthal

I am a teacher and I like to use and read about the latest technologies. I love to use my iPad and other Apple products.

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