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Bb Collaborate – Testing it in a Committee Setting

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I am co-chairing a committee called Technology Across Curriculum (TAC). We have scheduled meetings but several of our committee members need to travel from distant location to get to this meeting. We also recently purchased Bb Collaborate for our university but did not have the chance to try it in a real setting. Several of our committee members suggested to try Bb Collaborate in the next meeting and we agreed. We, my co-chair and I, practiced Bb Collaborate during the weekend just to make sure that it was working well and set it up for our Monday meeting.

We both learned that it is very easy to set up a session and as it is integrated into Bb, when we created a link it appeared on our website’s calendar (we have a Bb website for our committee). Bb Collaborate also generates a link to the session so you can send it via email.

We asked all members to bring a laptop or iPone/iPad (Bb Collaborate has an app in the App Store).

When we came into the meeting we logged into the session (I was using my iPad to log into the session just to see that it works well) and could see all the members that were logged in. We had one member that was in Europe and could log in to our meeting which was fun. About half of our members logged in from distant locations.

Bb Collaborate has a white board where you can show what you are discussing and we all used the microphone and the chat to communicate with each other. We learned that the setting needs to be set up with one mic open at a time.

The feedback from the committee members was great. We are definitely going to use it again in our next meeting. One member also implemented it in her class (she teaches finance). She gave her students an option to come to class or log-in through Bb Collaborate into the class. More than 50% of her both sections chose to use Bb Collaborate instead of coming to class. She had a very successful session which she recorded for students to view later if they desire.

I am definitely going to use Bb Collaborate next semester in some of my classes.

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I am a teacher and I like to use and read about the latest technologies. I love to use my iPad and other Apple products.

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