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Teaching with my iPad – Clickers

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I am considering to incorporate more engaging tools for my students that will allow them to use their mobile devices. Recently, I heard a lot of talk about using smartphones as clickers. One app I checked out is in the App Store called eClicker but the reviews were not very encouraging.
Two days ago I met with our McGraw-Hill representative and she introduced me to Poll Everywhere. Apparently, McGraw-Hill partnered with this company and offers a bundled service with their textbooks. I noticed that it is a paid service either the university/department needs to pay or the students. It looks easy to implement and it can be used not only by mobile devices and computers/laptops but also by texting on a regular phone and through twitter. I also noticed that as a teacher you can design many different type of questions. If my college agrees to pay the fee, I will probably try it next semester.

I am curious if anybody heard of this service or uses other services of clicker-type.


Author: bflorenthal

I am a teacher and I like to use and read about the latest technologies. I love to use my iPad and other Apple products.

One thought on “Teaching with my iPad – Clickers

  1. Hi – I have downloaded eClicker and have designed some questions for use with it (which was incredibly easy) but haven’t been able to really try it out yet. Getting the wireless network up an running and the software installed in the iPads my school bought has been more of a problem than it ever should have been. But I’m hoping to start using it in a couple weeks.
    I think I may have heard of Poll Everywhere, but I haven’t tried it yet. Let me know how it works though if you do.

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