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Teaching with my iPad – Post #1


I decided to teach this semester with my iPad. It is a great experience for me. I bought a connector to the class projector and I do not need to open the desktop in my class.

The first challenge was to move my PP slide to Keynote slides. I was worried that I’ll need to redo my slides but apparently they came out just fine with very minor correction that I needed to do. I was thrilled.

Next, I wanted to create an attendance file in Numbers that includes pictures of the students so I can learn quickly their names. I discovered that Numbers scales well when you paste a picture in its cell. Though I could not do it on my iPad and needed to work on my MacBook Pro to do this. I used iCloud to move my file from MacBook Pro to my iPad. It was pretty simple though I had to delete the file on my iPad every time I needed to update my iWork files. I don’t have the new version of Mountain Lion (my MacBook Pro is owned by the university and they did not upgrade it yet).

Finally, I discovered that I can use my iPhone as a remote control for my Keynote presentations. That excited me but also my students. I also learned from my students to change the lock out function to none in settings for the time period of my class. That gave me the option not to log-in into my iPad during the class time.

So the first class was for me a great experience. I was able to operate everything from my iPad and I enjoyed it.


Author: bflorenthal

I am a teacher and I like to use and read about the latest technologies. I love to use my iPad and other Apple products.

2 thoughts on “Teaching with my iPad – Post #1

  1. Hi – nice post. I’ve been considering doing the same thing but when I asked about this at the Apple store, they said I would need to use AppleTV as an intermediary device between the iPad and the projector. Is this so? How exactly did you work your setup?

    • Thank you for your comment. I am new to blogging and this is the first time I am blogging so I am learning about all this environment as I go.
      I don’t use AppleTV in my class. I bought a connector to the projector cable (it is about $20 if I remember correctly – you can purchase it in the Apple store) and I plug it in when I come into class. It is very easy and convenient because when I take attendance I can unplug it from my iPad and then plug it in again. I’ll post a picture of the connector I have.
      Thank you again for reading my blog and I’ll keep writing about my experiences throughout the semester.

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